Bordering Ivory Coast, the Western Region is best known for its stunning beaches and beach resorts. Its administrative capital Takoradi, is the country’s second biggest industrial area and is known for its recent discovery of oil.   The region has a remarkable collection of colonial forts at Dixcove, Princes Town, Axim and Beyin. It also has the best protected rainforest, the Ankansa National Park. The journey to the Western Region is at least 4 hours but it can be broken up with a stop-over in Cape Coast.








Western Region


Ten kilometers apart the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi, often referred to as Tadi, form the third largest conglomeration in Ghana. Situated half way between Accra and the Ivory Coast boarder, these twin cities are the regional capital and gateway to the west coast. Sakondi is home to the historical Fort Orange. Takoradi boasts a unique colorful circular market, a serene beachfront area, a monkey sanctuary and most recently three billion barrels of light oil.

Sekondi - Fort Orange

In the past, Sekondi prospered thanks to the railroad, which brought timber, cocoa and minerals from the interior to the coast. Today the colonial railroad and the Dutch fort are referred to as European Town. The station is a ghost of its former self and rows of railroad cars stand idle on the tracks. Fort Orange which was originally built as a trading post then enlarged into a fort in 1690 and was sold with the rest of the Dutch Gold Coast to the United Kingdom in 1872, now serves as a lighthouse.

Shama - Fort San Sebastian

Venture 18 km east of Sekondi along the Cape Coast Road and see Ghana’s third oldest fortification, Fort San Sebastian, which was built by the Portuguese from 1520 to 1526. It is a historical architectural delight, reflecting the distinctive styles of both the Portuguese and the Dutch.


The largest of the twin cities, Takoradi, was chosen in 1920 to be the first deep water port in Ghana and continued to be the most important port of Ghana until the development of the port in Tema, near Accra. The discovery of oil off the coast of Takoradi in 2007, and the influx of visitors, most of them being business people, engineers and other oil workers, has given it new life and allowed it to once again regain its status as an economic hub. This has resulted in an emergence of new upscale hotels and restaurants along Takoradi’s beachfront. In contrast to its serene upscale beachfront, a couple of miles inland there is an overabundance of activity in a city center bustling with commerce.

Market Circle

This unique, and apparently only, circular market in West Africa is one of the most colorful in Ghana. Six roads lead to market circle and there are 6 separate buildings that join to form the market buildings. Once inside the market, all sense of direction is lost. Crammed stalls overflow with piles of every kind of merchandise imaginable,  from fish and vegetables to electronics to local fashion.

Monkey hill

This sanctuary on the north east end of the city is home to a large population of protected monkeys. It’s one of 15 animal sanctuaries in Ghana. Given an award for its biodiversity in 2002, it  remains a highly regarded area for biodiversity tours. Along with seeing Wild Colobus and Spot Nosed monkeys it is also ideal for bird watching.


Busua Beach

A trip to the region would not be complete without a visit to Busua Beach and more notably Busua Beach Resort.  There are many beach activities including kayaking, surfing, jet skiing and boat rides.  You can even arrange to visit Abokwae Island by boat or jet ski. Surfing is particularly popular on this beach and equipment and lessons can be arranged.



Axim is a popular destination for weekend getaways due to its idyllic beaches and resorts. It is also a good base to explore nearby attractions such as the Nzeluzu stilt village, Ankasa National Park and some of the forts along the coast. Axim Beach Resort, Lou Moon Lodge and Ankobra are all lovely resorts to relax for a weekend break. Fort Antonio in Axim town is also worth a visit.


Nzulezu – The Village on Stilts

This popular attraction is a village on stilts which can be reached after an hour’s boat ride from Beyin to the centre of Lake Tandem.  Legend has it that it was built many years ago to escape the slave traders. Life at the village has adapted to the watery conditions.

Ankansa National Park

This is the best protected rainforest in Ghana with the most biologically diverse rainforest.  It has over 300 plant species in just one hectare. It is also home to a range of wildlife including forest elephants, leopards, antelopes, chimpanzees etc. For weekend tours or transportation to the Western Region contact Melian Travel and Tours.

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