Volta Region

The Volta Region is one of the most beautiful regions to visit in Ghana.  With its lush vegetation and beautiful mountain range, it makes an ideal weekend get-away from the hustle and bustle of Accra.  It has the highest mountain peaks in Ghana including Mount Afadjato which stands at 885m.  It is also home to Lake Volta which is one of the World’s largest man-made lakes.  The region has the country’s most impressive waterfalls, including Wli Falls, the highest in West Africa.  The journey from Accra is also pleasurable with plenty of scenic attractions to break-up the journey including the Volta Lake.

Akosombo Dam

Although not strictly part of the Volta Region it makes a worthwhile stop on the way.  The Dam provides hydro-electricity to Ghana and is at the base of the Volta Lake. It can be viewed from the Volta Hotel which has spectacular views and is a good place to stop for refreshments.  Another scenic rest stop is Afrikiko, a river resort where you can enjoy a cold drink whilst overlooking the Volta River and take a boat ride.

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

The sanctuary was created to protect the sacred Mona monkeys that live in the surrounding forest.  Visitors can enjoy a walk through the forest and interact with the monkeys.  Viewing the monkeys in their natural environment is a pleasurable experience and the guides are friendly and informative.


Kente Weaving

Located near the monkey sanctuary, Tafi Abuipe is one of the major kente weaving villages in Ghana.  A great place to see kente weavers at work and learn the history of the kente cloth.  You can also weave a piece yourself and buy kente at half the price you would pay in Accra.

Wli Falls and Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary (Hohoe)

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ghana.  The lower falls can be reached after a 45 minute walk whilst the upper falls has a more demanding hike.  The falls are said to be the highest in West Africa at an amazing 600m.  It is situated within the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary which covers an area of 35km2 and is home to many species of butterflies, birds, fruit bats, monkeys and antelopes.  Highly recommended for nature lovers.


Avatime Hills & Amedzofe

Close to the monkey sanctuary, the Avatime Hills are one of the most popular destinations for enthusiastic hikers.  Amedzofe is the town set within the mountains and offers affordable and decent accommodation options.  The town was formerly a German mission and is set at an altitude of 600m.

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