Northern Region

Sitting below Burkina Faso, this Region is known for its wildlife and traditional architecture. Tamale, the capital, is reputed to be one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa. In contrast villages like Zozugu stay very authentic and traditional. To get a real wild feeling visit Mole National Park where you literally take a step into the wild. Traveling from the capital, Accra, to Northern Ghana is quite an adventure. By bus, you get a great view of Ghana’s phenomenal landscape, as well as a sampling of Ghana’s traditional food at its many food stops along the way.


When you visit this fast paced city, there is not a second to lose. Start with the cultural center, similar to the one in Accra, with much less hassle. Here you can find a variety of items to make your trip memorable, make sure to admire Kente cloth being woven right before your eyes. While there, do not be surprised if you get talked into playing a game of table tennis with some of the locals. Afterwards, stop and have a drink at Sparkles, relax and admire life around you. Walking distance, is the central market, where you can find beautiful cloth and scarves, see people selling food and just about anything else.

Zozugu village

If you have a desire to get a glimpse Ghana’s traditional culture, Zozugu village is a good option. There, one house (compound) consists of several huts connected by mud walls surrounding a central area. As you interact with the people, you will have the opportunity to meet a local doctor, school teachers and much more. It is interesting to see how an entire village comes together to become one big family. The nature surrounding the village is surreal and beautiful.

Mole National Park

It is definitely worth spending the night at Mole National Park. The tour guide will help you track down elephants, antelopes and other less visible animals. Others are less shy and you will see them around the motel. These include baboons, warthogs, antelopes and even elephants. Imagine waking up to groups of baboons right outside your window! The rooms that Mole National Park offer are basic, however there is a nice pool with a beautiful view over the park. Enjoy dinner by the pool, however watch out for the baboons, they have been know to jump onto tables to get their share of the meal!