Art & Theater


Aburi Carving Center

Here craftmen can be seen at work on magnificent carvings and drums which are available for purchase. If you are feeling creative, you can actually design your own piece.

On the main road to Aburi about 45 minutes north east of Accra


Afia Gallery

Extensive collection of extraordinary West African art including: fabrics, jewellery, masks, carvings, bronzes, chests, stools and much more. photos >>

No. 2 Liberia Road Extension Osu

tel: (+233) (0) 302 681465


Alliance Française

"Mercredis de la Pailotte" will get a facelift be renamed "La Pailotte Takpekpe". These cultural events will be held one Wednesday of every month. It will be a bigger event than before with a running theme throughout the show.

Liberation Link, Airport Residential Area

tel: (+233) (0) 302 77 31 34


The Artists Alliance Gallery

A fantastic African modern art gallery located right on the coast. This gallery is packed with artistic expression. Three floors of art, sculpture, carvings and artifacts, a haven for anyone looking to be inspired or simply enjoy some incredible work.

Omanye House La, before LaPalm Beach Hotel

tel: (+233) (0) 245251404, 0244723158


Dei Centre

The mission of the Dei Centre is to support and promote the creation, study, exhibition, and conservation of contemporary African art, with a special emphasis on the visual arts of Ghana.

No. 7A Ninth Street, Tesano, Accra

tel: (+233) (0) 30 701 3133


Herschel Gallery

Herschel Gallery has over the past two years helped develop and promote up and coming artists and craftsmen who have shown potential and commitment in their work. The gallery stretches into a scenic garden, with works of art forming part of the landscape.



National Symphony Orchestra

Auditorium-Centre for National Culture

tel: (+233) (0) 24-468-7915




Big Milly's Back Yard


tel: 0249 999 330 or 0262 999 330

Friday and Saturday nights this garden venue comes alive. Every Friday there is a Bonfire and Barbecue on the beach with a live Cultural group of excellent drummers and dancers. The atmosphere is brilliant. On Saturday nights dance beneath coconut trees to a reggae or a highlife band.  Everyone has fun. photos >>



48 Patrice Lumumba Road

Airport Residential

tel:  (+233) (0) 21 766 738

DJ Mensah serves a mix of hip hop and R&B, hip life, garage and techno.


+233 Jazz Bar and Grill

75 North Ridge, Off Ring Road Central Accra.

tel: (+233) (0)21 234 629

Ghana's premiere Jazz and Live Music Club.

Open until 4 am on week-ends.



off the Osu Oxford Street end fork

Thursdays a live band performs high life music.

6pm -1 am.



sports bar

Ring Rd Central Central Accra the Paloma Hotel complex

Tel: (+233) (0) 302 77 31 34

Thurs. quiz night, Fri. karaoke night Sat. live-music Sun. movie night. Also serves Mexican food



No.3 Third Ringway Airport Residential.

Tel: (+233) (0) 21-761-082

Live Entertainment every Friday & Saturday from 8:30 PM.



Labadi Road, La

tel: (+233) (0)24 4370752

Not very far from La Beach is a very popular pool café, tourists as well as local people go there often to have a drink and a game.


Next Door Beach Resort

tel: (+233) (0) 21 713961

there’s live music on the weekends, and you can catch some traditional song and dance performances.


Osekan Beach Resort,

a short walk from Tudu, near the city center

tel: (+233) (0) 21 688800

Osekan is the place to go when all you want is a relaxing evening by the sea. For a small gate fee, dance to a live band playing Ghanaian music whilst sipping  some cold mini star or club beer. Or even, watch the crabs scampering on the sharp rocks as the powerful waves break repeatedly over them.



Outdoor pursuits





Aburi Botanical Gardens

A 65-hector garden with some amazingly large trees along with a variety of beautiful indigenous and exotic plants set in peaceful parkland, that seems to have a special ambience. The drive into the mountains is beautiful. Make sure to get the guide, otherwise you will miss small plants like the mimosa, whose leaflets fold up when you touch them!

Aburi is a town about 45 minutes north east of Accra


Shai Hills Resource Reserve

The closest wildlife park to Accra. The vegetation of Shai Hills is dry, coastal evergreen savannah and 40% of the park is made up of hills covered with dry forest. Major wildlife to be seen include olive baboons, green monkeys, kobs and bushbucks, as well as monitor lizards, pythons and snakes. Bird lovers will also find many bird species including the Senegal parrot, grey plantain eater, hornbill, red northern bishop and violet turaco and many more. Don’t miss a to visit to one of the three caves, Adwuku, Sayu or Hiewey

Situated in Doryumu in the Dangme West district with Dodowa as the district capital. The Reserve is about 17 km from Accra

Tel: 233 21 682601


Kakum National Park

A dense tropical rain forest in southern Ghana. The forest is home to over 40 species of larger mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, Mona-meerkats and civets. The bird life is fantastic as well with over 250 species living in the forest. The highlight of any visit to Kakum, is a stroll on the Canopy Walkway that is built 30 meters above ground, crosses several bridges and is over 1000 feet (350 m) in length. The canopy walkway offers a unique viewing perspective of the wildlife and unique plants of the forest. Trained guides are on hand to take you on a tour and provide detailed insight into the medicinal uses of the forest plants. There's a basic campsite for those who want to overnight

Kakum is about 60 miles west of Accra as the crow flies; by road the journey takes about 3 hours


Mole National Park

The largest of its kind in Ghana. It’s Savannah Woodland and forested areas cover a staggering space which measures just less than 5000 square kilometres. Mole National Park is located in north western Ghana. In Mole you can expect to see buffalo, roam antelope, elephants, warthogs, hyenas and if you're very lucky, leopard. Lions have recently been re-introduced to the park as well. There are also more than 250 species of birds to enjoy. You can opt for a walking safari or a traditional game drive accompanied by an armed guard. There's a motel just near the park headquarters. The best time to spot wildlife is during the dry season from January to March as animals congregate around the water sources. Mole can be reached by public transport, note the roads are not in great condition. Do visit the Larabanga Mosque near the park, the oldest mosque in Ghana.

Tamale is about 600 km from Accra (a 13 hour bus ride – pay the extra money for the VIP coach it is very comfortable – or a 1hour 20min plane ride for US $130) and Mole is about a 1 hour drive from Tamale depending on the road.


Keta Lagoon

Over 300 square kilometres occupied by the protected lagoon and over 1200 square kilometres of protected land overall.  Unfortunately, this has not yet been developed with the specific endeavour of tourism in mind, yet the breeding ground the lagoon provides for sea turtles, the expansive mangrove forest and the plethora of migrating birds which can be seen there make it well worth a visit.


Boaben-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Has facilities for hospitality on site or, for those who want a little more luxury, is located only 20 minutes from Nkoranza. The monkeys in this sanctuary are fiercely protected and actually revered; being seen, fascinatingly, as the children of the gods which overlook the Boaben and Fiema twin community.




Bojo Beach

5 minutes from Kokrobite junction

tel: (+233) (0) 24 232 5169

A long, narrow, sand island, that you access by canoe. Enjoy the watching waves as you sit in the shade of a thatched open-air restaurant, with your toes in the sand. photos >>


Langma beach

Situated off the Kasoa Highway and close to Kokrobite spectacular and clean strip of white sand where you can get delicious grilled lobsters and barracudas served with freshly ground local peppers and chilled drinks. But what we really dig about Langma is it’s free! And as if that were not enough, it’s never crowded so it feels like a private beach even though it is public.


Kokrobite Beach

A quick 20 mile (30km) tro-tro ride away from the capital Accra. One of the main attractions here is the excellent Academy of African Music and Art (AAMA) founded by master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy. The Academy attracts drummers and dancers from all over the world. You can get accommodation at the Music Academy or head to Big Milly's Backyard in the village (also on the beach). Big Milly's has a friendly bar and restaurant where backpackers, volunteers and Ghanaian Rastafarians chill out.


Tawala beach

behind the La General hospital.

In addition to the powerful waves, there is a bar there is also a playground for kids. At night, the place is the ideal spot for a long walk on the dimly lit beach or look at the stars. Tawala’s special hot banku which is usually served with grilled tilapia and topped with fresh onions and tomatoes.


Beyin beach

Ghana's Beyin beach was among the twenty five beaches named by the Cable News Network(CNN) as best beaches on the continent. What you’re likely to remember about the beautiful sandy arc of remote Beyin beach are the tall, soaring palms along its edge. It’s a classic African working beach, and you can expect to watch about 100 men pulling in enormous seine nets filled with fish.





Explore the bush and forestland; discover remote villages as well as colonial style houses in the beautiful Aburi or Busua area.

tel: (+233) (0) 244209587 or 2776660180



Car Rentals


Ghana Car Rentals

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Tour Guides


Land Tours

Uncovering unique travel opportunities and offering truly immersive experiences in Ghana and beyond. Their number one goal is to ensure that your expectations are met and that you go home with West Africa and its people forever in your heart.

tel:  +1 (617) 314 - 7246 (USA)   +233 (0) 302-761752 (Ghana)


Easy Track Ghana

A community-based travel service that helps visitors have a fun and safe visit in Ghana and Togo. Their licensed tour operators and boutique service accommodates all travel needs in Ghana. They work with you via email to develop a tour that is customized to your exact interests. When in Ghana, you are greeted by a knowledgeable native guide who safely shows you the sights as you wish. For more information visit:


Urban Adventures

Walking trips, market visits, local culture and heritage.

tel: +233 (0)302-773498






Afia Gallery

Artists Alliance Gallery

+233 Jazz Bar and Grill

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Kakum National Park

Mole National Park

Bojo Beach

Beyin Beach among CNN's best African beaches