Eastern Region

With its striking landscapes, lush tropical forest, cascading waterfalls, weaving and bead-making, this region is a rich blend of dramatic landscapes, historic relics and traditional culture. The region’s natural highlights include the Aburi Botanical Garden just 45 minutes from Accra, Lake Volta one of the world’s largest man-made lakes, Boti Falls near Koforidua and Mount Krobo for hiking and rock climbing. The villages and towns are part of the richness of this region, at Mamong visit Ghana’s first cocoa plantation. Further north admire the craftsmanship and back-breaking work that goes into making the traditional Ghanaian beads at the Cedi Bead Factory in Odumase-Krobo or at the bead market in Koforidua.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

A 65-hector garden with a variety of beautiful  indigenous and exotic plants set in a peaceful parkland, that seems to have a special ambience. Tetteh Quarshie

This small farm covering about an acre of land is the oldest cocoa plantation in Ghana. The cocoa seeds are believed to have been brought from Fernando Po Island by Tetteh Quarshie, who set up the farm in 1879.  Ghana went on to become the second largest producer of cocoa beans in the world after the Ivory Coast and more than 3.2 million Ghanaians rely on cocoa today for their livelihood.


The capital of the Eastern Region, it is a pleasant and lively town with an important market. It is of particular interest to craft lovers because of its bead market in the center of town, which is only open once a week, Thursday morning, but on that day it is the place to be in town. The bead makers and traders attract people for all over Ghana with an overwehlming variety of new and antique beads. To maximize the experience, plan to spend a lot of time there, be creative, buy a variety of beads and have finished products made on the spot to your exact specifications.

Boti Falls

After a decent rainfall is the best time to go to Boti Waterfalls, just north east of Koforidu. From the car park there is very hot and humid hike up 200 steps, through the tropical jungle, to a spectacular and refreshing two headed waterfall. Continue with a thirty minute walk under an impressively sheer cliff to the nearby Umbrella Rock for a great view of the the eastern regions striking landscape.

Mount Krobo

For the more adventurous, Ghana offers sport, traditional, top roping climbing, as well as bouldering opportunities for climbers of all range of abilities. Check out for detailed trips.

Cedi Bead Factory

The owner of the Cedi bead factory, who is a true artist, gives personal tours of the bead making process. You will never look at a bead the same way again.