This region is considered the heartbeat of Ghana tourism because of its wealth of beaches, forts and castles and festivals. The twin towns of Cape Coast and Elmina provide a clear focal point for tourists. In the span of 15 km one can find five castles and forts that shaped not only Ghana’s history but that of the world over four centuries as the focus of first the gold trade and then the slave trade. They are a significant symbol of European-African encounters and of the starting point of the African Diaspora.This is also a logical base for trips to other destinations like Kakum National Park, one of the most diverse and best preserved national parks in West Africa. After a day of sight-seeing see Cape Coast become alive when food stands start popping up and locals start to chat, eat and dance under the stars.








Central Region

Cape Coast Castle & Museum

Adult / student $7 / 4 - Millions of slaves were shipped to the Caribbean and the United States through this castle. Visit the the dungeons where the slaves were kept and see the door of no return. Overlooking the sea, this whitewashed castle also houses a superb museum, that helps place things into perspective. A guided tour is offered with your admission and should not be missed; allow a minimum of an hour for the tour. The castle also houses a craft market where they offer Djembe drumming lessons.


Kakum National Park

A dense tropical rain forest is home to over 40 species of larger mammals. The bird life is fantastic with over 250 species living in the forest. The highlight, is a stroll on the Canopy Walkway that is built 40 meters above ground, crosses several bridges and is over 330 m in length.


Posuban Shrines

A less know attraction, these decorative buildings, are unique to the central coastal region. The shrines are the work of Asafo companies, once responsible for the defense of the towns. Find them in Elmina, however he most well know one is in the town of Mankessim east of Cape Coast.


Guided Elmina Walking Tour

This one and half hour tour offers in-depth information on the economic, political, historical and cultural aspects of Elmina. Discover the archaeological site of old Elm ina, the Mpoben Fish Market, the 19th Century Merchant Houses where prosperous Dutch Merchants lived, the Dutch Cemetery with its imposing Mausoleum and grave markers which tell the stories of European and African celebrities, canons of redoubts which fortified the town from external attacks, “Asafo posuban”  traditional military posts, hear the philosophies behind their totems, visit one of the three prominent hills and see the beautiful panorama which surrounds Elmina and their importance in history. Finish with a brush with the present day Elmina community.

Ghana Eco Tours

1st floor of the Elmina Castle

Tel: (233) (0) 20 8159369


Elmina Java Museum

The Elmina Java museum highlights little known aspects of the African Diaspora. The key exhibits of the museum focus on the history of about 3,080 African soldiers whose controversial recruitment for service in the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army began in 1831, 24 years after Britain had declared the Slave Trade abolished.



Coconut Grove Beach Resort

Condo style hotel, well maintained pool

West of Elmina

Tel: 04240100-5  $$

Elmina Bay Resort

West of Elmina

Tel: 0541614812  $$

Stumble Inn

West of Elmina

Tel: 0541462733  $

Oasis Beach Resort

Huts right next to the beach.

Victoria Park, Cape Coast (next to the castle)

Tel: 0244089535  $

Baobab Guest House

Well kept, common sink & bathroom

Commercial St, Cape Coast

(near Cape Coast Castle)

Tel: 054 043 6130  $



Baobab Vegetarian Moringa Restaurant

Arty vegetarian food, delicious juices

Tel: 0540436130

Oasis Beach Resort

Large menu. Live music, drumming, dancing & Saturday bonfires on the beach.

Castle Restaurant

Good Ghanaian food. Fantastic view.

Victoria Rd (next to the Cape Coast Castle)



Cape Coast Castle & Museum

Cape Coast City Center

Elmina Castle

Elmina City Center

Elmina Fishing Harbor

Behind Elmina Castle

Kakum National Park

33km north of Cape Coast

Posuban Shrines

Elmina, Anomabu & Mankessim

Elmina-Java Museum